The Deathly Mallows TEAM PAGE

RVA Homeschoolers-Middle Schoolers
Richmond, VA, USA

Online Contest:
Erase A Chalkboard
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Heidi Rugg
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 0

    What we're studying:
    Hair-flipping, deep sighs, and eye-rolling. (Just kidding!) Ping-pong balls, cannons, rubber bands, rubber ducks, pool noodles, and volcanic explosions!

    Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
    Mistakes are awesome!

    Why we think we should win:
    We worked really hard -- and really well together and had a great time. We also have a volcano!

    Suggestion for next year's challenge:
    Turn the page in a book.
    Peel a banana.
    Flip a coin.
    Stack a block.
    Take off a bandaid.
    Bake bread.
    Make toast.

    Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

    We are the Deathly Mallows! A group of homeschoolers in Richmond, Virginia who enjoy working with weird stuff to do cool things. We have made a lot of stuff this year. And, yes, there is a marshmallow stuck on the wall of our classroom.

    Our Step List

    A group of kids await detention. One of them has written, “We don’t need no edukashun” on the board. The teacher walks in and insists that this be erased!
    1. A book is opened and the cover lands on a “hamster” (not real).
    2. The toy is turned on and begins to move forward.
    3. The toy falls off the table.
    4. The toy lands on a see-saw contraption.
    a. Activating a second see-saw.
    5. The second see-saw lowers which sets off a roll of tape.
    6. The roll of masking tape falls and hits a book.
    a. Which creates a domino effect.
    7. The last book falls and pulls a cord.
    8. The cord is attached to a play-school bus which crashes to the ground.
    9. A marble run is activated.
    10. A golf ball is knocked off the marble run.
    11. The golf ball pulls on a trap door.
    12. The trap door opens, releasing baking soda.
    13. The baking soda falls into the volcano creating a chemical reaction.
    14. A rubber ducky is propelled from the volcano.
    15. The rubber ducky knocks a rolling pin off the table.
    16. The rolling pin adds extra weight to a chalk tray.
    17. The chalk tray lowers.
    18. As the chalk tray lowers, a giant eraser (a piece of wood with a beach towel) erases the chalk board.

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