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Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff , AZ, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Family Division - All Ages
Team Leader: Madison Lenschow
Team Members: 4
Invitations: 4
Kyle Kraemer - invitation signed.
Ali Alenezi - invitation signed.
Faisel Alotaibi - invitation signed.
Riley Deheer - invitation signed.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Unlock a padlock

As with any Rube Goldberg device, a random assortment of items are used to complete a simple task. Here, the task is to pour a bowl of cereal. The team’s cereal bowl ultimately ends with about 30 grams of General Mills cereal, one-half pint of milk, and a spoon. Our device incorporates fun, innovative ideas that cause our machine to stand out above the rest. From pulleys, levers, and hinges, to electrical components and computer programming. With the competition taking place in Chicago, the team realized that historic Route 66 runs from Flagstaff, Arizona to Chicago, Illinois. Since Northern Arizona University is located in Flagstaff, our Rube Goldberg Machine features a Route 66 diner theme, and a variety of famous Route 66 monuments.

Our Step List

1.Turn on alarm clock
2.Clock arm sends ball down track and tube
3.Ball turns switch "off"
4.Metal ball is released from electromagnet
5.Ball goes down track, landing on mouse trap
6.Mouse trap pulls peg from under boot
7.Boot swings and kicks stopper
8.Fishing pole reels back
9.Ball's gate is pulled from its slot
10.Ball tumbles down spine track
11.Ball lands in cup, pulling out the blockade
12.Soup can rolls through cup tower, releasing weight
13.Weight pulls stopper from ball column
14.Balls release from column, dropping into a cup.
15. Cup falls, pulling open curtains, and landing on long lever
16. Long lever triggers driving gear
17.Driving gear turns pinion, in turn moving the rack to the right
18.Top piece of wind-up toy pulls up the bottom piece
19. Bottom-half of wind-up toy rotates lever clockwise
20.Lever rotates fishing pole counterclockwise
21."Gate" lifts, releasing the first golf ball down its track
22.The golf ball falls into a mini cereal box, tilting the top track clockwise
23. The second golf ball rolls down the track and tube
24. Golf ball knocks out the wheel’s peg
25. The wheel spins, dumping cereal into a dispenser as it does so, and ultimately pulls up on the box door's latch
26.The collapsing door falls, releasing a ball inside
27.Ball rolls down track, bounces out of box, hits target, and bounces back in
28. Whale teeter tips
29.Cadillac Ranch “dominoes” fall
30.Hinge/latch is released
31. Malt milkshake cup falls
32.Nail is pulled from spoon launcher
33.Spoon launches into bowl
34.(Arduino used here) Weight of spoon starts cereal pouring (A load cell under the cereal bowl must register the weight of the spoon (~38 grams) to start a DC motor that is attached to the handle of the cereal dispenser)
35.Cereal exits dispenser and slides down chute
36.(Arduino used here) Once 30 grams of cereal reaches the bowl, the DC motor turns off, and the stepper motor and its attached arm spin 180 degrees. (The load cell must register a total of 68 grams before the DC motor will turn off or the stepper motor will turn on)
37.Peg under the milk lever is swiped away by the stepper motor arm, tipping lever
38. Milk pours into funnel, through tubes, and into the cereal bowl

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