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Great Salt Bay School
Damariscotta, ME, United States

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Alison Macmillan
Team Members: 3
Invitations: 4
Otis Frost - invitation signed.
Eli Melanson - invitation signed.
Harper Lilly - invitation sent
Jayden Brown - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We are studying the history of Rube Goldberg. We learned some Italian, we know the flag colors, and pizza ingredients. We are learning about informational text - both reading and writing. Rube Invention process is like conducting a science experiment.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Pay attention, focus on the task at hand, work together, and success is within your reach!
Another: Excuses are the nails to the house of failure.

Why we think we should win:
We worked hard, and did a lot together to get to where we are. Our skit that goes along with the invention has been worked on by experts (us). We contributed equally as a team. The invention is top grade. It is of high quality. We have a theme to go along with our invention. We have put much thought into designing each and every step of the invention to go along with the theme. We are proud of our team and invention!

At the start of the video, the child comes in the room and is scared of a wig resting on a table. The mother of the child then proposes ordering pizza. When the mother calls the Italian Eatery, the phone rings inside of the restaurant and the waiter picks it up. When the mother is finished placing her order, they both hang up. The waiter writes the order on a receipt and gives it to the chef. The chef then puts the receipt on a string and pulls the string, starting the machine. The pizza is put in the oven. And that process tips a glass of wine that knocks over flowers on the dining table. It frightens a restaurant rat which runs a ladle over the head of the lady in the dish room. A coffee can falls at the end of the meal. The bill is paid and the tip of 1 penny goes into the piggy bank and the savings for college begin.

Our Step List

1. Chef pulls order string which starts invention.
2. The string pulls a block of wood.
3. Wood falls and pushes pizza onto the baking sheet.
4. Baking sheet falls down due the weight of the pizza.
5. This causes the other side of the balance to lift up a flower pot which is connected to a board.
6. When the board lifts up, a wine glass (filled with grapes) balanced on the board, rolls down to the incline created by the board that has lifted.
7. The wine glass rolls into a flower vase and knocks it off a bowl.
8. This releases a string thread through a hole in the bowl.
9. This causes a potato (the monstrosity of doom-oom), to fall.
10. An Italian rat (totally not an opossum) on a piece of Mouse cheese is resting on the balloon and when the balloon pops, the rat falls.
11. When the rat falls, there is a string attached to the rat which is attached to a string.
12. The string pulls a ladle that is resting on the zip tie.
13. The ladle zooms down the zip-line (courtesy of Isaac Newton - gravity).
14. The ladle hits a stick which is attached to the stickman (pile 'o forks).
15. Stickman drops a jar of Italian coffee - espresso.
16. The jar is attached to a string so when it falls, it pulls out a credit card out of the cash'o box-o-spaghetti.
17. An onion falls and hits a race car activator.
18. The car (the receipt covered-tape covered pizza truck) goes down a track.
19. Truck knocks into a cup.
20. This shakes the cup which has a penny on a diving board, made by partially cutting the bottom of the cup.
21. This causes the penny to cannon ball into the piggy bank. Oink!

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