Team # 504: The HEART of Rube TEAM PAGE

HomeSchool Alliance
Savoy, Illinois, United States

Host: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Friday, March 10, 2017
Setup Time: 8:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Jennifer Fryer
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Our Rube Goldberg team studies a wide variety of fascinating subjects! We have members that travel to tournaments and partake in competitive speaking and debate. A great number of us present dramatic and theatrical productions, especially works composed by William Shakespeare. We have a vast source of musical talent in several instruments, such as... Piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, and cello. One of our members even plays keyboard in her church band on Sunday mornings. Another one of us takes delight in volunteering at an Olympics/gymnastics course geared for the mentally challenged. We also have a love for pets! We have a few dogs and guinea pigs between us. In one of our members this sparked an interest in zoology. She is an official Jr. Zookeeper. We are also very academically inclined! The languages we as a group study include: Spanish, Latin, French, and even sign language. We have a member who studies a particularly unique subject as well: Astrology. We not only study the outside world, but explore it as well. We have a swimmer and backpacker/hiker among us, as well as two boy scouts-- one being an eagle scout and the other a girl! Altogether we make up an incredibly bright, smart, and uplifting bunch of kids. This machine displays the combined abilities of each and every member on our team.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break."

Why we think we should win:
Just like every other team we are competing against, we have worked incredibly hard. We know this for a fact, as some of our competitors are our close friends. We firmly believe that we match our peers in work ethic. This being said, our team is special in that we clearly display the spirit of Rube Goldberg and possess the qualities that our judges are looking for. We are gifted with creativity! Our theme and machine was 100% crafted by us alone. Every step, decoration, and joke has been carefully and creatively put into implementation by us. We also have chemistry. Our teamwork is phenomenal! Our host-parent and adviser tells us that we display the best team she has seen in the 8 years that she has been involved with Rube Goldberg. We have an incredible use of household objects. Every item we used on our machine is intentionally junk that would otherwise never be used. We have the sportsmanship that every Rube team should have. In defeat, we congratulate and admire our opponents! In victory... we do nothing but the same! We strongly believe that we should win, because the combination of our spirit and our fantastic machine are what we think our judges should be seeking.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Opening a soda can.

When Rube and his girlfriend broke up... his fragile heart simply could not take it. Rube's girlfriend had made the unfortunate choice to commit the most horribly demented crime in the entire world... she ate her boyfriend's "Hot Fruits." This resulted in Rube's poor heart being quite literally broken in two pieces. Drenched in regret, Rube's girlfriend decides to send her ex-boyfriend's "Hot Fruits" on a crazy journey back to their owner... in hope that maybe she may receive forgiveness and mend Rube's fragmented heart.

Our Step List

0. Container is filled with 'Hot Fruits',

1. Container is lowered by a pulley onto a lever
2. Wooden spoon lever pulls on a mousetrap
3. Mousetrap releases air cannon
4. Air cannon blows sail car on track
5. Sail car pushes fork
6. Fork starts golf ball rolling
7. Ball drops through tin and pushes down lever
8. Lever releases car
9. Car hits baby rattle
10. Rattle knocks into a rod
11. Rod pushes down weighted bottle
12. Weighted bottle pulls rope attached to peg
13. Peg is pulled out releasing scissors
14. Scissors moving cause a box to unfold
15. Golf Ball rolls out, through pipe, and lands on trigger
16. Trigger Releases hot wheel car
17. Car sets off mousetrap
18. Mousetrap snaps, releasing dominoes
19. Last domino falls through tube pushing off weight
20. Weight pulls on spoon
21. Last spoon hits double-decker car
22. Double-decker car pulls string starting wheel
23. Wheel runs into propped open book cover, causing it to close
24. Book cover starts soup can rolling
25. Can pushes upright lever
26. Lever tilts picture frame causing yo-yo to fall
27. Falling yo-yo pulls out fan blade
28. Fan blade releases weight
29. Weight pulls string triggering Nerf gun
30. Gun shoots paper towel roll holder
31. Paper towel roll holder hits car starting car reaction
32. The last car pulls out wooden hinge
33. Hinge releases newton’s cradle ball
34. Newtons cradle hits peg
35. Peg knocks down ball on string
36. Ball on string pulls baby hammer
37. Baby hammer switches on the black box
38. The black box pushes peg through tube
39. Peg pushes potato toy off ledge
40. Potato toy pulls pencil with string
41. Pencil pulls string attached to mouse trap
42. Pulled String sets off mousetrap
43. Mousetrap pulls clamp release handle
44. Clamp releases strings, causing the heart halves to move together
45. Band-aid is applied with a roller, utilizing the forward motion of the heart halves.

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