Team # 127: The "Raining" Champs TEAM PAGE

Wantagh Middle School
Wantagh , NY, United States

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Renee MacDermott
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We are studying how to create one of a kind Rube Goldberg machines. We are putting together materials to make parts for our machine.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Our teacher's favorite quote is, " GET TO WORK TODAY."

Why we think we should win:
We are hard workers and we are trying very hard to make this and we deserve a win. We try our hardest to make our machine the best it can be. We are also trying to make it very professional. That is why we think we should win!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
For next year, you should try and open a water bottle.

One day a little girl walked through the park. Suddenly, it started raining. So, she went home and got her rain boots. She went outside and saw a rainbow. The rainbow distracted her and she slipped! When she slipped, her boot fell off. Oh no! The boot hit a pollen ball, kicking it into an opened up flower stem. The pollen ball falls out of the stem, causing the pollen ball to fall onto a tree. The pollen ball falls onto four tree branches. It ends up on a field of grass. The pollen ball hits a few blades of grass, startling a roly poly and causing it to fall into a little boy's bucket. The bucket hits a toy golf ball. It rolls down a hill into a hole. It comes out of the hole and opens an umbrella for the little girl who lost her rain boot.

Our Step List

Step 1: Boot hits ball off of speed bump.
Step 2: Ball rolls down ramp into tube.
Step 3: Tube carries ball into series of ramps.
Step 4: Series of ramps brings ball to jenga blocks.
Step 5: Ball hits jenga blocks.
Step 6: Jenga blocks knock ball into a bucket.
Step 7: Bucket pulls another bucket upwards.
Step 8: Bucket hits another ball.
Step 9: Ball rolls down ramp.
Step 10: Ball goes into a circle canister.
Step 11: Canister pulls up another bucket.
Step 12: Bucket hits metal ball.
Step 13: Metal ball goes down ramp.
Step 14: Metal ball hits mini umbrella.
Step 15: Mini umbrella opens.

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Our Machine Explaination and Walkthrough

Our Machine Run Videos

Machine Run #1
Machine Run #2