Team # 422: The Six Trumpeteers TEAM PAGE

Oldenburg Academy
Oldenburg, IN, United States

Host: Genesis, Kids Discovery Factory, & Jac-Cen-Del School Corporation
Saturday, March 04, 2017
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Wes Gillman
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We are studying truth tables, soldering, multisim, AOI Logic, binary coding, and universal gates.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"I've done my time."

Why we think we should win:
Because Trump is a winner, that's what he does.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Raise an American Flag.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Trump's America is a no-nonsense American classic design.

It starts out at Trump Station with the Trump Train running down a track, activating the Melania Mobile on Trump Boulevard. The Melania Mobile will travel along Trump Boulevard, activating a hammer that will turn on the booster portion of Trump Turnpike.

The Trump Train will also activate the Trump Domino Trail. The trail will split off into two sections. One trail will release marbles into Trump Tower, activating Trump Tower, and Donald J. Trump emerging from the top.

The other Domino Trail will release a dowel rod located on Trump Plaza, next to the Donald J. Trump (DJT) sign. A marble released by the dowel rod will then run through Trump Plaza, travel underneath the Great Republican Elephant, and eventually spinning Trump windmill. The Trump windmill will release another marble that will travel into Trumpnado. Meanwhile, the previous marble will continue on its course through Trump Plaza, activating a Limit Switch to raise the American Flag.

The other marble will continue down Trumpnado, travel across Trump Bridge, through Trump Tunnel and down Trump Turnpike. The marble will then activate the All-American McDonald's race car that will zoom through the Turnpike booster that was activated by the Melania Mobile and hammer from Trump Boulevard.

The All-American McDonald's race car will activate a weight located on the "Immigration Wall" that will release the Ford Mustang. The Mustang will continue down the wall and activate a marble that will travel along the wall. The marble will land in a waste bin that will activate the Trump Dump Truck. The Trump Dump Truck will release two marbles that continue down the "Immigration Wall".

One of the marbles will continue down the wall, activating the Presidential Gavel and setting off another Domino Trail. The other marble will continue down a different path on the wall and fall into a holding cell. The Domino Trail will then release the marble from the holding cell.

This marble will continue along and activate the Domino Steps. The Domino Steps will activate the Swamp Swatter. The Swamp Swatter will apply a Band-Aid to the picture of a non-Trump supporting liberal.

Our Step List

1. Trump Station - Trump Train
2. Melania Mobile down Trump Boulevard, activated by Trump Train
3. Melania Mobile releasing hammer
4. Hammer activating booster on Trump Turnpike
5. Trump Domino Trail activated by Trump Train from step 1
6. Domino Trail splits off and releases marbles to Trump Tower
7. Marbles activate Trump Tower, Donald J. Trump emerges from top of Trump Tower
8. Other split of Domino Trial activates removal of dowel rod on Trump Plaza
9. Marble released travels through Trump Plaza and under the Great Republican Elephant
10. Trump windmill releases another marble
11. One marble hits limit switch raising American flag
12. Other marble enters Trumpnado
13. Marble continues across Trump Bridge, through Trump Tunnel
14. Marble travels down Trump Turnpike, activating the All-American McDonald's race car
15. All-American McDonald's race car zooms through booster on Turnpike
16. McDonald's car releases weight on Immigration Wall
17. Weight releases Ford Mustang
18. Ford Mustang travels along Immigration Wall releasing a marble
19. Marble falls into waste bin
20. Waste bin activates Trump Dump Truck
21. Trump Dump Truck releases two marbles
22. One marble continues along Immigration Wall, activating the Presidential Gavel
23. Presidential Gavel activates Domino Trail
24. Other marble falls into holding cell
25. Domino Trail releases marble from holding cell
26. Marble activates Domino Steps
27. Domino Steps activates the Swamp Swatter
28. Swamp Swatter applies a Band-Aid to non-Trump supporting liberal

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