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Cincinnati, OH, USA

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Online Contest:
Zip A Zipper
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Korin Mattei
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 0

    What we're studying:

    Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
    "Expect the unexpected!"

    Why we think we should win:
    Even though the machine didn't quite work, we found a good use for the "obsolete technology" of a record player and cassette tapes.

    Suggestion for next year's challenge:
    pull a tissue out of a box
    flush a toilet
    feed a pet

    Welcome to the Super Saturday Rube Goldberg Team submission-- 48 tries and several gallons of water later! We sure wish the polar vortex had not descended, causing cancellations and scheduling conflicts, and sapping our ability to be cohesively creative, but in pure RG style, we persevered....only to have the contraption fail on the final day, after weeks of success. Thanks to The Super Saturday Program and Cincinnati Mensa!

    Our Step List

    1.Pull tag out, releases marble
    2. Marble shoots down tube
    3.Marble hits paper towel tube that rolls up the pipes toward the ball holder thingy
    4.The paper towel tube hits the ball holder directly or the paper towel tube triggers the ball holder when it flys off and dangles into oblivion
    5.Ball rolls through floppy giant tube and whacks small blue foot
    6. Small foot bumps water bottle
    7.Water bottle rolls into cassette tape domino track
    8. Cassette tapes trigger lego hammer device
    9. Lego device turns on power strip switch
    10. Power strip turns on record player and pretty cristmas lights
    11. string unwinds when record turns, dumping water out of bucket
    12. Water goes through funnel device and pours into bucket
    13. Weight would normally zip the zipper!

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