The Transcontinental Railroad TEAM PAGE

Cornerstone Christian Homeschoolers
Champaign, IL, USA

Online Contest:
Hammer A Nail
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Mr. & Mrs. Fryer, Mr. Dolbert
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We are a group of home schooled kids and our studies vary. Some of the topics we are studying are the Transcontinental Railroad, World War II, Mock Trial, Drama, Movie Reviews, and many other subjects.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"What do YOU think?"

Why we think we should win:
We started out as 8 middle school kids who hardly knew each other at all but through Rube Goldberg we worked hard together and became very close friends. "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us"

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Paint a Wall
Put a Hat on a Head.

Welcome to the Transcontinental Railroad Rube Goldberg Machine! We have enjoyed building and working with each other and hope that you will enjoy watching this machine as much as we enjoyed building it!

Our Step List

The Transcontinental Railroad Presentation Script (The Fun Step List)
Bethy asks Charlie; “Why have we stopped construction? We've been working forever and I’m tired of it. I want to get paid and I want to be done. And have you figured out how we are going to hammer that Golden Spike yet?”
Charlie replies; “We have come upon a problem. Or two. This giant mountain is in the way and we’re having trouble blowing through it. We decided to just blow it up. We also have to deal with buffalo stampedes, Indian attacks, rock slides, avalanches, and floods. But we are going to meet the other railroad in Promontory, Utah, and we will hammer that spike! And this is how we are going to do it: First, The China-Man will push the TNT handle…

• The TNT handle pushes the end of a pitch fork upward.
• The pitch fork sets off the dynamite, which explodes the mountain, causing an avalanche.
• A boulder rolls down two hills and then rolls into a small glacier.
• The small glacier slips loose ramming into some iron ore.
• The iron ore then knocks down a tree.
• The tree then drops a humongous acorn down a hill into a mine cart.
• The mine cart tips into a miners' shack.
• The miners' shack shoots up and knocks over a giant wagon wheel.
• The wheel rolls along until it smashes into a group of workers.
• The workers fall onto each other like a Newton’s Cradle.
• They hit and frighten a lone Indian woman.
• The frightened Indian woman then attacks a small herd of buffalo.
• The buffalo start a stampede in the hill country.
• Then suddenly the bull buffalo falls down the hill and accidentally hits a buffalo trap.
• The trap pulls out a key log from the beavers' log dam, breaking it instantly.
• The broken dam starts a huge rushing flood full of boulders.
• The boulders hit a grove of trees in their path.
• The trees fall onto a steam Mule Engine switch.
• The switch turns on the Mule Engine that runs the log cutters.
• The log cutters close on each other and cut a rope.
• The cut rope releases an outhouse door.
• The door hits the water wheel.
• The water wheel hits a series of river lock levers.
• The levers pull the beam that is holding up the pumper-car track.
• The track falls down releasing the pumper-car.
• The pumper-car hits the hammer.
• The hammer falls and hammers THE GOLDEN SPIKE !!!!!!!!!
And that is how we will finish this railroad, with the hammering of the Golden Spike!”

The Transcontinental Railroad Step List (The Actual Steps)
1. The TNT handle pushes through the Folgers can, hitting the end of a fork upward.
2. The fork triggers the mouse trap, (exploding the mountain), and pulls a string.
3. The string pulls up the marble track. (Molding)
4. The tilted track releases a marble; it rolls down two tracks and into a cup.
5. The cup slips loose ramming a hammer head on a pencil.
6. The hammer then knocks down an RX bottle.
7. The falling RX bottle releases a marble.
8. The marble rolls down another track into a Dixie cup on a teeter-totter (mine cart).
9. Weight of marble in cup on the teeter-totter pushes it down, lifting the spoon on other end.
10. The spoon tips a toy with a magnetic wheel – ‘The Whirly Gig’ (and a wooden house).
11. The wooden house goes up, causing gravity to act on the wheel.
12. Gravity pulls the Whirly Gig wheel down.
13. The wheel rolls down the Whirly Gig into Lincoln Logs holding one ball of a Newton’s Cradle.
14. The logs fall releasing the Newton’s Cradle ball, setting it in motion.
15. The end Newton’s Cradle ball hits a wooden Indian woman figure.
16. The figure starts a buffalo ‘domino’ trail.
17. One of the buffalo falls, hitting a rat trap.
18. The trap pulls out a paint stick from the pencil peg board releasing two golf balls.
19. The golf balls roll down the peg board's pencil path and hit a block of wood.
20. The block falls onto a switch.
21. The switch turns on a motor.
22. The motor moves a push rod.
23. The linear motion of the push rod opens and closes a pair of scissors.
24. The scissors cut some twine that is connected to the outhouse door.
25. The cut twine releases the spring loaded (rubber band, actually) outhouse door.
26. The door hits a counter weighted pipe. (Home made, by the way)
27. The pipe hits a series of levers.
28. The levers pull a peg out from the pumper-car track.
29. The track falls down releasing the pumper-car.
30. The pumper-car hits the hammer.
31. The hammer falls and …Hammers the NAIL!!!!!!!!!

List of Items Used on the Transcontinental Railroad RG Machine, Just for Fun!

Folgers can
2 mouse traps
Quick release key chain (can’t see it, it is what connects the rope to the mousetrap and the balloon
Baby powder (in the balloon to make the ‘smoke’)
Plastic end piece of a curtain draw cord (it holds the string in place - on the backboard - that pulls up the first marble track)
Soda can pull tab (to lift the track for avalanche)
2 marbles
Plastic cup
Tweety Bird fishing reel cover (the small hammer on a pencil rests on it)
Lots of pencils
Small hammer head
3 golf balls
RX bottle
Dixie cup
2 juice bottle lids (wheels for ‘mine cart’)
Door stopper
Plastic serving spoon
Plastic spool
Whirly Gig toy
Decorative bird house
Lincoln Logs
Newton’s Cradle
Handmade buffalo, Indians, telegraph poles, cacti, and outhouse door
Jenga blocks
Rat trap
2 food cans
Paint stir sticks
Peg board
Light switch
‘Mule Engine’ (small motor)
Cut coat hanger (used as push rod with motor to open and close scissors)
Toilet seat hinge parts (holding outhouse door assembly, appropriate, yes?)
2 rubber bands
Homemade copper tubing/clay/foil counter weight (we call it the water wheel)
Toy car frame with hand made top with an all one piece pumper-car
Roller blade wheel base (holds up the hammer at the pumper-car track)
Towel rack wall mounting piece (it holds the ‘beam’ that releases the pumper-car track)
2 golden nails; one to hold hammer in place before it falls, the other The Golden Spike
Train and track
Screws, nuts, bolts, nails, string, twine, Popsicle sticks, hot glue Gorilla glue, eye bolts, hooks, hinges, duct tape, lots of paint, conduit holders, lots of scrap wood, molding, and a clamp for hanging a broom (on the mine cart), PVC pipe
Paper mache 3 box high mountain
‘Larry’ the mountain goat
Plastic aquarium plants
Large plastic funnel (in the mountain)
Oh, and Pringles Snack cups! (holding up the Newton's Cradle)

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