Team # 238: The Wolves TEAM PAGE

Indian Woods Middle School
Overland Park, KS, United States

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Vanessa Hannan
Team Members: 12
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We were studying forms of energy: kinetic, potential, etc.

Why we think we should win:
Our machine is whimsical and fun. Our theme is creative and interesting. Our machine has many creative steps.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Our suggestions for next year are: draw a circle, turn the page in a book and untie a shoelace.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Welcome to the The Wolves Rube Goldberg entry page. We are students at Indian Woods Middle School. This is our first year entering the contest. In less than a month's time we created our "I Spy" themed machine which includes: a book, a paper cup, a ruler, plastic car track, dominoes, tinker toys, golf balls, tennis balls, marbles, toy cars and trucks, blocks, some lumber and lots of cardboard boxes, duct tape and painter's tape.

Our Step List

1. Person pulls back battering ram and lets go
2. Battering ram “rams” tinker toy paddle which then hits another tinker toy paddle
3. Paddle hits marble, which rolls down track and goes through PVC corner pipe
4. Marble hits dominoes
5. Dominoes hit round tinker toy piece
6. Tinker toy knocks off pencil attached to a domino, which is stopping a marble, by string
7. Pencil pulls down on string, string pulls domino releasing large marble
8. marble rolls down track and then pathway
9. Marble goes down track and pathway, knocks over domino on bracket angle, which is on a pulley
10. Bracket angle falls off box
11. String attached to angle activates pulley
12. Pulley pulls up weight, which was blocking golf ball
13. Golf ball rolls on track
14. Golf ball hits the end of a spoon which is attached to a cup
15. Cup tips over and releases marble
16. Marble rolls down book
17. Marble hits dominoes that go under bridge
18. Dominoes hit tennis ball
19. Tennis ball hits dominoes
20. Domino hits car
21. Car hits domino
22. Dominoes hit re-director
23. Re-director spins and hits ball
24. Ball rolls down track and hits domino
25. Dominoes go up bridge and hits marble
26. Marble roll down yellow ramp and hits dominoes
27. Dominoes hit marble down ruler
28. Marble hits winding domino set
29. Domino hits car
30. Car hits domino
31. Domino hits car
32. Car hits domino
33. Domino hits marble
34. Marble hits domino
35. Domino hits small windmill
36. Small windmill hits domino
37. Domino hits marble down large track and through PVC corner pipe
38. Marble hits suspended 2-armed windmill
39. 2-armed windmill hits suspended 4-armed windmill
40. 4-armed windmill hits golf ball
41. Golf ball rolls down ramp and lets loose lever which is tied to another lever
42. 1st lever swings forward releasing second lever
43. 2nd lever pushes the tennis ball
44. Tennis ball hits monster truck with a block taped to it
45. Monster truck pushes the car down a ramp
46. Car hits bell
47. Car hits stick
48. UMBRELLA OPENS!!!!!!!!

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