Team # 888: Time Traveling Cereal Killers TEAM PAGE

Brevard High School
BREVARD, North Carolina, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Angela Patane
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 8
Morgan Brown - invitation signed.
Willow Blackstock - invitation signed.
Andy Smith - invitation signed.
Ally Smith - invitation signed.
Emma Peavy - invitation signed.
Matthew Hayes - invitation signed.
Xavier Perez - invitation signed.
Dallas Wilson - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We're studying engineering, problem solving, and team work.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Stop messing around and get back to work!

Why we think we should win:
We should win because we have a unique Rube machine that travels back in time.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Next year we should make a sandwich!

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

The colonists on Mars decided they could kill for a bowl of that old fashioned cereal, Fruity Pebbles. One scientist among the group developed a time machine to travel back in time to search for the snack with a cretaceous crunch. Unable to find the cereal in the 20th century because stocks had been depleted, they decided to travel back to the original source. Follow them on their journey back in time.

Our Step List

1. The remote control is pressed forward, activating Mars rover.
2. The car rolls forward, pulling string.
3, The string opens claws and drops the sphere.
4, The sphere flips the switch and turns on motor.
5. The motor spins wheel counterclockwise.
6. The wheel spinning counterclockwise rotates a second wheel clockwise.
7. The second wheel hits the funnel, releasing a marble.
8. The marble rolls down a track and activates a heavier steel ball.
9. The steel ball falls on the ratchet handle, activating it.
10. The ratchet moves up, releasing a car.
11. The car pulls out a pin, releasing the weight of a bolt.
12. The released bolt allows a lever to fall.
13. The hook on the lever slides off, pulling a stick from under a mallet.
14. The mallet swings and disconnects magnets.
15. The disconnected magnets release the piano hammer.
16. The piano hammer knocks a steel ball off a ledge.
17. The first steel ball rolls down the ramp and hits a second steel ball.
18. The steel ball activates a lever, which pulls fishing line.
19. The pulling of the fishing line swings open a trap door which releases a steel ball.
20. The steel ball pushes a piece of metal into another piece of metal.
21. The metal touching metal completes a circuit and turns on the motor.
22. The motor rotates the copper coil, advancing the ball from the future to the present.
23. The ball falls out of the copper coil and flips the lever.
24. The lever drops a marble into a funnel.
25. The marble travels down a tube and sets off a mouse trap.
26. The mouse trap pulls a string attached to a hinge.
27. The hinge releases Leg-o-less, the smurf, down a zip line.
28. Leg-o-less, the smurf, dislodges a piece of wood.
29. The dislodged wood releases piano hammers that advance and nudge a weighted container off a ledge.
30. The container falls and pulls fishing line through pulleys which lifts a piece of wood holding a marble.
31. The lifting wood releases the marble, making it roll down a ramp.
32. The marble strikes a car which dislodges it and the car follows a track.
33. The car strikes a piece of wood, rotating it.
34. The rotating wood releases a hammer that is resting on it.
35. The hammer swings and strikes a pair of scissors.
36. The scissors close which propels a toy car down a zip line.
37. The car travels from the present into the past, flips a switch which turns on a motor.
38. The motor moves the conveyor belt with a magnet on it.
39. The magnet moves past a piece of metal, attracting it and pulling it along.
40. The metal is attached to a string which, when pulled, releases a stick.
41. The stick being removed allows a bell to fall.
42. The bell falling activates the mouse trap via a string tied to the bait bar.
43. The mouse trap pulls a metal wedge away from a lever.
44. The activated lever lets the sliding bar fall.
45. The bar falling pulls a string which opens the teeth.
46. The teeth open and drop a heavy ball.
47. The ball falls into a cup on a lever which tips over the cereal box, pouring the cereal.
48. The box flips a switch as the cereal is pouring.
49. The switch turns off a motor which releases the hinge.
50. The hinge releasing lets the wheel roll down the ramp.
51. The wheel lands in a box which pulls string downward through pulleys.
52. The upward string action lifts the milk storage tubing above the exit hole, releasing milk into the bowl.

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