Team # 581: Titan 2 TEAM PAGE

Richards Middle School
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Michael Spivey
Team Members: 7
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We are studying the use of simple machines, in particular levers, inclined planes and wheel and axles in depth.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"What you build or can build is only limited by you. Get out of your own way."

M. Spivey

Why we think we should win:
Our group has been working every Friday for 6 months diligently trying to improve our last years performance. We have a solid theme, music, a story and many machine steps that don't always involve a domino or a ball. We have incorporated a platform into our build and working on to surpass last years machine of 25 steps with 1 touch. We have pride and confidence.

Our Step List

Step 1. The toy car is pushed hitting a marble
Step 2. The marble rolls down the gray pipe and through the box of paper ramps
Step 3. The marble hits the car and pushes it down the ramp
Step 4. The car moves down the ramp, pulling the small wooden block out of the way
Step 5. The large tube rolls down the wooden ramp and hits the craft stick
Step 6. The craft stick knocks over the cup of marbles
Step 7. The marbles roll around the dish and down through the hole in the center hitting the toy car
Step 8. The toy car rolls forward causing batman to slide down the rope
Step 9. Batman knocks over the stack of dominos
Step 10. The domino falls on the band-aid, slapping it on the man's face

Team B -
Step 1 - Pinball start with the ball
Step 2 - Pinball touches a lever that initiates another ball falls down the domino lead path to score into a Soccer Goal;
Ball flows down over the wood blocks and down the hot wheels track;
Step 3 - Once the ball rolls down the tube, it initiates another ball that completes it journey to hit a trigger
Step 4 - The Trigger launches a match box car forward that hits a bulls eye target
Step 5 - The Matchbox car drops onto a platform that triggers a ball to be launched on a track
Step 6 - At the end of the track, the ball hits a car that rolls into a tube of marbles
Step 7 - The tube of marbles tips over releasing the marbles down a path
Step 7 - The marbles hits a domino that release a car
Step 8 - The small car speeds up the ramp hits a stationary stand
Step 9 - The large car then is released to move forward and hit one domino
Step 10 - The Large car hits another domino that releases a small car
Step 11 - The small car goes through the tube and hits a glue stick
Step 12 - The glue stick releases another wound up car
Step 13 - The small car hits a cup of marbles that falls down
Step 14 - The cup of marbles hits a clothespin that is attached to a catapult
Step 15 - The clothespin releases the catapult's arm with a marble
Step 16 - The marble lands in a water bottle and the increased weight drops the target cup
Step 17 - The increased weight of the marble triggers a straw to lift up a tissue
Step 18 - The marble in the tissue is released and falls down a funnel
Step 19 - The marble hits the yo yo that is attached to gate and then yo yo falls off the track
Step 20 - The gate lifts ups and releases a little race car that goes down the track that hits a band aid
Step 21 - The band aid slide down and lays on the bulls eye.

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