Team # 1041: Trapp Timber Wolves TEAM PAGE

Trapp Elementary School
Rialto, CA, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: San Bernardino County Rube Goldberg Contest (Elementary Division)
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Apprentice - Ages 8 - 11 (Elementary School)
Team Leader: Albert Davila
Team Members: 11
Invitations: 11
Neveah Mora - invitation signed.
Abraham Montanez - invitation signed.
David Franco - invitation signed.
Brandon Palacios - invitation signed.
Alexander Perez - invitation signed.
Roberto Ramirez - invitation signed.
Jordan Umana - invitation signed.
Mia Velazquez - invitation signed.
Isaiah Mora - invitation signed.
Mayleah Mims - invitation signed.
Francisco Arzate - invitation signed.

And to think that I saw it at Trapp

School was over and
I looked in a class,
I stepped inside,
And all I noticed
beside my head
Was a ball on a ramp on a slide at Trapp
That’s nothing to tell,
That won’t do of course,
That’s only a start,
It went through a loop!
And the kids gave a whoop!
And that’s a story no one can beat
When I say I saw it at Trapp.
There is always still more.
Yes, the ball drops down,
Into a funnel that led to a tunnel,
Where it fell down a ramp and bumped a buddy,
There’s more that I saw at Trapp
The ball hits a ball with a string,
And then with a snap,
Such a strange thing,
Then a hot wheel was struck,
I saw it roll down,
I was really awestruck,
It crashed into a trap,
Once it went snap and pulled on a string,
The string yanked a card
Will nothing excite you or make your heart beat?
Than to know that….
I saw a Trapp Door,
Where a ball appeared
And goes down a slide
On a ramp not so wide,
That made it tight!
And to think I saw it at Trapp
It’s quick and looks smart
When the ball hits a coin,
Hold on a minute!
You’ll never believe it!
The ball hit a coin,
And the coin wound down a ramp
And rolled into a bank
Kerplunk and kahching
And to think I saw it at Trapp!

Our Step List

1. Marble rolls down tube.
2. Marble rolls down funnel and then down a ramp.
4. Marble hits other marble and makes it roll down another ramp.
5. Marble hits another marble attached to string making it swing.
6. Marble swings and hits car, causing it to roll down a ramp.
7. Car hits a mouse trap that pulls a string.
8. Strong pulls paper to release a marble down slide and hits coin.
9. Coin rolls down ramp/slide into a piggy bank.

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