Team # 1034: Unfunctional Chain Reactions TEAM PAGE

Upland High School
Upland, CA, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: San Bernardino County Rube Goldberg Contest (High School Division)
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Jason Craig
Team Members: 12
Invitations: 12
Matthew Locke - invitation signed.
Andrew Doan - invitation signed.
Breonna Navarro - invitation signed.
Isabelle La Polla - invitation signed.
Oseil Garcia - invitation signed.
Michael Cho - invitation signed.
Abigail Nelson - invitation signed.
Tiffany Fierros - invitation signed.
Jaden McCall - invitation signed.
Lilith Foreman - invitation signed.
Amber Allam - invitation signed.
Tristan Huang - invitation signed.

Our machine is based on "Back to the Future". It is a six foot diameter circle, divided into four partitions representing 1980's, 1950's, the future, and the old west. The machine turns as the energy transfers take place. A Delorean type model travels with the action and continues to set off transfers in each time period.

Our Step List

1. Marble rolls down and hits lever.
2. Lever hits tyruck.
3. Truck pulls string
4. String pulls platform with weight on top.
5. Weight attached to seesaw and pulls left and down.
6. Right end moves up and raises wall.
7. Raised wall lets marbles through pipe.
8. Marbles exit pipe onto seesaw.
9. Seesaw tilts marbles onto connected ramps.
10. Marbles fall off ramp into container.
11. Weighted container pulls string.
12. String moves hand on clock.
13. Clock hand moves magnet.
14. Magnet no longer holds Doc in place on zipline.
15. Doc moves down Zipline and knocks over weighted hinge.
16. Weighted hinge pushes down button.
17. Button activates powered truck.
18. Powered truck powers battering ram race car.
19. Battering ram race car pu;shes panel.
20. Panel pulls on rope through a pulley system.
21. Rope lifts left side of seesaw up.
22. Coins on seesaw move roll off into mousetrap in containers.
23. Mousetrap activates and pulls string
24. String pulls platform.
25. Platform moves out from under Delorean.
26. Delorean moves down zipline.
27. Delorean hits swinging platform.
28. Platform swings back into panel and creates a domino effect.
29. Last panel pulls left side of seesaw down with string.
30. Right side (with decorative shark) pulls string up.
31. String lifts end of magnet track.
32. Floating magnet skateboard travels down magnet track.
33. Magnet skateboard knocks over panel with magnets at its top.
34. Panel with magnets falls onto mousetrap with magnet (to make sure it activates).
35. Mousetrap metal hasp hits small plank.
36. Plank swings into and moves block.
37. Block hits switch/block pulls string.
38. String pulls wooden pole out of place (previously holding hand shut).
39. Hand holding ball opens and released ball.
40. Ball rolls down ramp into container.
41. Weighted container moves down on the pulley system.
42. Pencil attached to pulley moves counter clockwise into golf ball.
43. Golf ball moves down track.
44. Golf ball falls down into container.
45. Weighted container pulls down right side of trigger.
46. Left side of trigger pushes ball.
47. Ball pushes marbles.
48. Marbles travel through pipe into mousetrap.
49. Mousetrap metal hasp hits sliding part.
50. Sliding part hits ball into cup.
51. Weighted cup pulls top of ruler to the left.
52. Bottom of ruler moves right and hits can.
53. Can chain reaction rolls up ramp into bottom part of plank.
54. Bottom part moves right while top part moves left.
55. Top part pulls pencil out of place.
56. Ball moves down previously blocked ramp.
57. Ball falls onto lever.
58. Lever moves up pulling string.
59. String pulls ramp up.
60. Coins on ramp roll down series of inclined planes.
61. Coins stop on wedge.
62. Delorean hits lever releasing coins into Arcade Coin Box (Coin Bank).

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