Team # 287: UW Barron County Future Engineers TEAM PAGE

UW Barron County
Rice Lake, WI, United States

Open An Umbrella
Thursday, January 01, 1970
Setup Time: 12:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 12:00 AM
Live Division III - Ages 18+ (College)
Team Leader: Dru Galetka
Team Members: 3
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Dru Galetka (Captain) - transferring to UW-Platteville to study Mechanical Engineering.
Matt Dentinger - transferring to UW-Platteville to study Mechanical Engineering.
Jacob Saxinger- transferring to UW-Stout to study Plastics Engineering
Zach Metz - transferring either to UW-Stout or UW-Platteville to study Mechanical Engineering

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Stay with me guys - I have a vision AND Hand me a Torque Bit.

Why we think we should win:
Our team is very small (4) and we come from a 2 year college and have built our machine in a classroom and the theater shop at our school. We have been working on this machine since September and have had a great time making this machine. It wasn't a bet of roses, but we made the best machine we could.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Drill a hole in the ice - this is a tribute to our beloved Zach Shack (this is the ice shack we used to haul our machine from NW Wisconsin to Ohio.)

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine portrays the life of Nikola Tesla. Tesla was an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and designed the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. The team incorporated many of Tesla’s engineering and inventions including the AC motor, hydraulic power, an x-ray machine, remote control cars and boats as well as a lite Ferris Wheel. At the end of his life Tesla enjoyed feeding the birds in Central Park and the machine ends with an umbrella opening over Tesla to protect him from the rain. The machine takes 45 steps to complete the task and utilizes 20 electrical devices.

The machine starts by flipping a switch to push the baby carriage down ramp and topples some books over. The books fall bringing a flag upwards – this signifies his birth, education and moving to the US. The ball of lightning pushes a pin to release a bag that pushes the switch for drill (signifying the development of the AC motor). The drill swings balls to hit book which in turn rolls second lightning ball down ramp into cup for pulley system. The pulley system raises a ramp to allow a marble to fall down x-ray machine onto sea gulls above Niagra Falls. The gulls flip the switch to power Ferris wheel at the Chicago’s World Fair. The wheel turns bringing transformers (illustrating the supplying of electricity to the country) downward to pull a pin releasing a block with magnets. The magnet repels the see-saw to push a second block to turn a paddle switch that powers a solenoid to push a lightning bolt downwards (signifying his hope of developing a death ray). The lightning bolt falls onto a pin to pop a balloon that holds the top of a homemade circuit. The circuit completes to turn on the remote control of the boat (Tesla helped develop the first Remote Control system) which propels the boat forward toppling the hinge onto the mouse trap. The Mouse trap pulls the switch for the pump to push a syringe backwards, this allows the birds to move across the floor. One of the birds topples onto a see-saw stick to bring a second bird onto a switch that turns on the cars to go around the track (signifies the current wars between Edison and Tesla). The car crashes into a billboard to finish the last homemade circuit for the oscillating house. The house crumples onto a rat trap which finally releases the crow to push the button which opens the umbrella.

Our Step List

1 Flip light switch
2 Solenoid fires
3 Solenoid pushes cart
4 cart topples books
5 books fall onto string to pull up blocks
6 blocks forces ball down ramp
7 ball pushes d-ring
8 d-ring releases bag
9 bag falls on funnel
10 funnel pushes down switch for drill
11 drill topples book
12 book flips switch turning off drill and pushes ball down the ramp
13 ball falls into cup
14 weight of the ball raises wood ramp
15 ramp rises rolling ball into mouth
16 ball falls onto sea gulls
17 Sea gulls flip switch for Ferris wheel
18 Ferris wheel turns pulling transformers down
19 generators pull pin
20 pin releases the magnet
21 magnets repels lever
22 lever repels other block upwards
23 block pushes switch for solenoid
24 solenoid fires lightning bolt down wire
25 lightning bolt pushes balloon killer
26 balloon killer pops balloon
27 balloon drops upper contact switch downward
28 switch connects completing circuit for rc controller
29 controller forces boat forward
30 boat topples silver plate
31 silver plate retracts mousetrap
32 mousetrap pulls switch for pump
33 pump pushes water into tire pump
34 tire pump pulls birds & pushes switch to shut off pump
35 pump topples bird into see-saw
36 see-saw hits other bird downward
37 bird falls onto switch
38 switch powers rc cars around track
39 rc car hits billboard contact plate
40 billboard contact plate completes circuit for oscillating next to lab
41 lab rocks on springs until house shacks apart
42 house opens to hit lever
43 lever releases rat trap
44 rat trap pushes bird forward
45 bird pushes button to open umbrella

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