W.H.C.S. Patriots - Here, There and Everywhere... TEAM PAGE

Willo-Hill Christian School
Willoughby, OH, United States

Online Contest:
Zip A Zipper
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Mrs. D.
Team Members:
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Energy, Engines, Motion, Newton's Laws

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Not favorite, but repeated most during this process: "No bouncing the balls!" and "Bonsai!"

Why we think we should win:
All teams work hard, and of course ours has. Why we should win? - I think we thought long and hard about all the of the elements - linking theme to functionality, varying steps and risky steps (which made for long days to get it right). We literally put our blood, sweat and tears into it - and our team will never forget the stomach flu having it's unexpected impact on Mexico. But through it all, we have grown as a team, as friends and as students in the learning process

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
untie a knot
hang a picture
open a can of soda

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Thank you for visiting our page. We hope you like our machine as much as we enjoyed creating it for you! Our machine is called "Here, There and Everywhere..." We take a little trip to various places around the globe starting with a taxi ride. Our first destination is the "Leaning Tower of Pizza" in Italy. We then head to the pyramids of Egypt and off to Japan where we view the lovely Bonsai tree. We also see Japanese pop icon Hello Kitty during our visit. Next, we take a hot-air balloon ride to the Sydney Opera House in Australia before boarding a plane for Mexico. In Mexico, we find a cactus, taco and a festive sombrero. We flash back to the fall of the Berlin Wall as we travel through Germany. In the Netherlands, we view famous artwork before heading to our final destination in the UK. Once in London, we visit Dr. Who's TARDIS and get our lovely new garment bag packed and ZIPPED for the next adventure!
**Something to note: In reviewing our videos after loading on YouTube, it seems as though they all have a litte skip - you will notice a "jump" and maybe a change in pixel quality/clarity. We believe this was caused during the upload process to YouTube and want to note that they are not edited in any manner.

Our Step List

WHCS 2014 "Here, There & Everywhere..." Step List
1. Skateboard taxi rolls down inclined plane onto cloth.
2. Force of skateboard pushes down on cloth and tightens other side launching ball.
3. Ball falls into milk jug on lever.
4. Lever lifts lever/ramp and ball rolls down ramp.
5. Ball crashes into water bottle supporting a small bin.
6. Bin falls off of bottle and wire cable attached to bin is pulled from a slot releasing a golf ball.
7. Golf ball rolls down inclined plane and falls into bucket.
8. Bucket (1) weighs down on one side of wheel lifting bucket (2) on the other side of the wheel.
9. Bucket (2)'s motion is halted and tennis ball inside is launched into basket.
10. Tennis ball knocks basket from ledge which is connected to a wooden stopper for a bouncy ball.
11. Bouncy ball travels down inclined ramp and through a hole and hits onto 3 drums before falling into a funnel and then a trench before knocking into a block.
12. Block hits a chain reaction of falling blocks (4 total) and then knocks into a weighted rod.
13. Rod (1) spins and knocks into another rod (2).
14. Rod (2), which has a screw attached to the end, falls forward onto a balloon and pops it.
15. Golf ball suspended by balloon falls onto a ramp and travels into a tennis ball.
16. Tennis ball travels into a smaller ball and sends small ball through tube.
17. Smaller ball travels until it hits a mouse trap.
18. Mouse trap snaps and pulls on one end of a lever.
19. Other end of lever rotates a wheel from resting position and sends it into motion down an inclined plane.
20. Wheel falls and travels across the floor until it careens into a leaning Bonsai tree.
21. Bonsai tree falls over and pulls a chain that it is attached to.
22. Chain falls and pulls a weighted ball from it's resting point.
23. Weighted ball is attached to a zipper on a suitcase which it unzips.
24. Unzipped front of suitcase falls onto a rod which is positioned on a switch.
25. Switch turns on hairdryer which blows a basket with balloons.
26. Balloons float into a series of wood blocks knocking them down.
27. The last block to fall propels a golf ball into a tube.
28. Golf ball knocks a ball bearing into a small basket.
29. Weighted basket then pulls on a cord attached to a toy plane.
30. Plane falls from rest and pulls a cord attached to a stick blocking a tennis ball.
31. Tennis ball travels down a ramp of a series of three cups which it opens and then lands in a foam-core "taco".
32. Taco spins on a pivot and two small marbles inside travel down a ramp into a cup/funnel and hit ball bearing.
33. Ball bearing rolls down ramp and taps into mini clothes pin.
34. Mini clothes pin opens and drops bucket.
35. Bucket pulls string over pulley that is attached to a lever which lifts.
36. As lever lifts, ball bearing rolls off and lands on sombrero rolling around rim until it falls through a hole and lands in chili pepper cup weighing down a lever.
37. Lever lifts off of another weighted lever which is now allowed to fall down.
38. Falling lever releases a lock and allows it to swing.
39. A transfer of energy occurs through the cord the lock is swinging on and causes the 2 side locks to swing.
40. The side locks swing farther until one makes contact with a domino and knocks it over.
41. First domino hits another domino which hits a tennis ball.
42. Tennis ball travels down ramp and onto a mouse trap with a paddle.
43. Paddle on mouse trap smacks into a series of books which fall down.
44. Last book to fall pulls on a cord which is attached to the top of a picture frame.
45. Picture frame is lifted and sends a resting ball bearing into motion.
46. Ball bearing falls into a cup on a lever which is connected to another picture frame which it lifts sending another ball bearing into motion into a second cup which lifts on a third picture frame sending the last ball bearing into motion.
47. The last ball bearing to go in motion travels down the frame into a hole in the support board and lands on a ramp in back of the frames which it rolls down. At the end of the ramp, the ball bearing crashes into a support stick.
48. The support stick falls from under a shelf which is supporting a TARDIS.
49. The falling TARDIS pulls on a cord which is attached to a zipper on a garment bag.
50. The zipper on the garment bag is zipped completing the task!

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