Team # 781: Waunakee High School TEAM PAGE

Waunakee High School
Waunakee, WI, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Wisconsin Rube Goldberg Contest
Friday, March 09, 2018
Setup Time: 7:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Tammy Rademacher
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Bren Myers - invitation signed.
Kyle Pahnke - invitation signed.
Logan Kvalo - invitation signed.
Lexi Anunson - invitation signed.
Will Brezenski - invitation signed.
Katey Peters - invitation signed.
Spencer Nellis - invitation signed.
Kate Rasmussen - invitation signed.
Nolan Thole - invitation signed.
Ben Cleary - invitation signed.

Our theme is the Breakfast Club and our steps go through each of the characters and how they ended up in Saturday detention. A box of cereal for each character is dumped into a funnel before finally pouring the mixed cereal into a bowl.

Our Step List

The Breakfast Club
Waunakee High School Steps

1. 5 marbles (our main characters) roll down a ramp and hits 3 wooden dominoes. (books)
2. The last domino falls on a string.
3. The tightened string uses a pulley to lift a lever with a point on it.
4. The lever raises and the point pops a balloon.
5. A coke can which was previously being held by a string attached to the un-popped balloon falls.
6. The coke can hits a lever raises a platform.
7. The raised platform allows a marble to roll down a ramp.
8. The ball proceeds to hit another lever which sends another ball rolling down another ramp. This happens 3 more times.
9. The marble hits a mouse trap which pulls a string.
10. The string is wrapped around a Nerf gun and the Nerf gun shoots a Nerf bullet.
11. The Nerf bullet hits a wiffle ball which rolls down a ramp.
a) The bullet being shot also dumps the first box of cereal.
12. The wiffle ball hits a Coke can which falls off a ledge.
13. The Coke can is attached to a string, when the coke can falls the string pulls downward and activates a tip up.
14. The tip up swings and hits a block which is holding a leg up.
15. When the block falls the leg swings downward and hits a sandwich.
a) The leg swinging downward also triggers a mouse trap that causes the second box of cereal to dump.
16. The sandwich falls down a ramp and lands on a mouse trap.
17. The mousetrap is attached to a string which when pulled releases a rubber band from an eye screw.
18. The rubber band was previously holding a catapult down, when the rubber band is released the catapult activates.
19. The catapult hits a wooden block which allows for the release of ball bearings.
20. The ball bearings proceed to roll down a clear funnel and fall into a paper cup.
21. The paper cup proceeds to fall lifting a coke can by using a pulley system.
a) The falling paper cup also releases a tube of mascara that triggers a mouse trap which causes the third box of cereal to dump.
22. The coke can hits a lever on its way upward making a wheel fall down a ramp.
23. The wheel proceeds to hit another lever which hits a set of dominos.
24. The dominoes fall onto a mouse trap which tips over a can of marbles.
a) The mouse trap also triggers the dumping of the fourth box of cereal.
25. The marbles fall out of the can and roll down a long track.
26. The marbles fall off the track into a paper cup which makes the paper cup fall downward.
27. The paper cup is attached to a string that pulls up on a wooden block that releases a car down a track.
28. The car hits a marble which rolls through a funnel and down a track hitting many blocks.
29. The marble proceeds to hit a mouse trap that pulls on a string attached to a pin.
30. The pin was previously holding up a block, when the pin is pulled a block falls.
31. The block falls onto a lever which flips a switch.
32. The switch activates four things.
a) It first dumps the fifth and final bowl of cereal.
b) It then rotates a platform allowing all of the collected cereal to be poured into a bowl.
c) It turns on music when a motor swings an arm onto a boom box play button.
d) A picture of the criminal with his fist up is raised. (The John Hughes ending)

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