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Waunakee High School
Waunakee, WI, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: STEM Forward
Friday, March 01, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 9:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Tammy Rademacher
Team Members: 14
Invitations: 14
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What we're studying:
FIRST SEMESTER-Solids and Fluids, Thermal Physics, Energy in Thermal Processes, Laws of Thermodynamics, Electric Forces and Electric Fields, Electrical Energy and Capacitance, Currents and Resistance and Circuits, Magnetism
SECOND SEMESTER-Rube Goldberg, Wireless Technology, Flight

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Toby knows college is expensive and, despite receiving financial aid, is still short on money. Taking the $1000 he has saved up, he visits the casino in hopes of winning big. He plays a variety of games including a slot machine, roulette, plinko, and blackjack. Unfortunately, Toby isn't having the most lucky of days and by the end of the night, his $100 has become 1¢. Accepting his losses, Toby takes his 1¢ and puts it into his piggy bank.

Our Step List

1. Toby begins by pulling the initial slot machine’s lever, representing his first gamble; this dispenses a marble.
2. The marble rolls into a roulette wheel, leading into a funnel, causing the marble to run into a poker chip, knocking it down the billboard.
3. The poker chip falls down a series of slopes and finally runs into a mousetrap, triggering it.
4. The mousetrap causes a hand holding cards to fall, showing Toby’s hand in a game of poker.
a. The falling hand also causes dice to roll in a game of Craps.
5. The falling hand lands on a digital switch, triggering a motor.
6. The motor causes a pulley to make a ramp incline.
7. As the ramp inclines, a car, the prize of a drawing that Toby enters, rolls down. Unfortunately, Toby does not win the car.
8. The car causes some poker chips to fall onto a mousetrap, which is attached to a string.
9. The string pulls a card that is holding a marble in place.
10. The marble falls down the Plinko board and then lands on a lever.
11. The lever drops an olive down a martini glass, which triggers a switch.
12. The switch starts a rotating table, which causes the cocktail glasses on it to rotate.
13. One of the glasses hits a series of marbles.
14. Each of these marbles falls into a pool table pocket, which triggers the UNO Attack machine.
15. The "Card Dealer" shoots out cards that trigger a domino chain of card decks.
16. The last deck of cards in the chain falls into a mousetrap attached to a string.
17. The string removes a block supporting a counterweight, which triggers a trebuchet that is central to a new game devised by the casino.
18. Another string attached to the trebuchet’s arm causes Toby’s hand in Blackjack to be revealed; he loses after going all-in!
19. When Toby’s hand is revealed, the cards hit another chain of card decks.
20. The final deck in the chain triggers a mouse trap.
21. The mouse trap triggers another mouse trap.
22. The second mouse trap pushes the winner’s poker chips into a funnel; they fall down into a container.
23. The new weight of the winner’s chips in the container causes a pulley to remove the platform under Toby’s single remaining poker chip.
24. The poker chip falls into a cup on one end of a lever.
25. As the lever tips, Toby’s single penny rolls and falls into the piggy bank.

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