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Willo-Hill Christian School
Willoughby, OH, USA

Online Contest:
Hammer A Nail
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Mrs. DAmico
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Earth and Space Science

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:

Why we think we should win:
We think we came up with a really unique spin to hammering a nail as our machine is capable of doing this multiple times and in a more complicated directional. We believe we were creative and captured the spirit of Rube Goldberg with humor and more than the required amount of steps within our farming theme. We put so much work into this machine and appreciated the process of learning to work together even when things weren't going as planned.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Put an ice cube in a glass
Blow bubbles (with a bubble wand)
Paint a picture

Thank you for visiting our page - we hope you enjoy our machine!
Some fun facts:
Much of our machine was made with re-purposed materials. A significant portion of the wood was retrieved from the scrap pile at local home improvement stores or re-used from other projects.
Our barn backdrop was formerly a house from a Christmas play.
Our drill paddle and weld was generously donated to us by Chagrin Metal Fab in Willowick, OH.
The drill paddle and hammer design was 100% the idea of one of our student team members and he had this idea in his head from day 1.
Several drills were used for the design, through trial and error, we found just the right one - the important lesson, we did not give up! Finally, we determined more amps and less rpms would do the trick!
Our chicken's name is Sophie, the scarecrow is JoJo, the mouse is Squiggles and the cow's name is Julian.
Without faith, perseverance and remembering to find humor, even in the tough times, we could not have completed this project successfully!

Our Step List

Step List – WHCS Down on the Farm

1. A student pulls the stick from the tube which allows the tennis ball to travel down the tube.
2. The tennis ball lands in cup and swings off of the tube.
3. The swinging cup hits into a golf ball at rest on the top of a pvc pipe.
4. The golf ball starts into a swinging motion around the pipe.
5. The swinging golf ball makes contact with a gardening rake and the rake swings around.
6. The swinging rake makes contact with a series of farm animal books and the books fall like dominoes.
7. The last domino book pulls on a string attached to a piece of cardboard which is holding a plastic egg from rolling.
8. The cardboard tab is released and the egg rolls into a tube and onto an egg carton.
9. The motion of the moving egg moves the egg carton forward on the track until it reaches the end and the egg falls through the hole in the carton.
10. The egg travels through a tube and lands in a bucket.
11. The weighted bucket falls down lifting another bucket which it is attached to by a string through a pulley.
12. The rising bucket lifts a pvc tube lever containing two marbles.
13. The marbles fall out of the end of the tube and onto a ramp, colliding into a lever with a bucket on the top of it.
14. The lever pushes the bucket into a resting golf ball which starts to roll down a ramp landing in a fiber pot.
15. The weight of the golf ball in the pot weighs down a lever lifting a pot at the other end releasing another ball.
- The next ball repeats the above action lifting another pot.
16. The last golf ball released from the pots rolls until it collides into 2 marbles which fall into a tube.
17. The marbles emerge from the tube and fly into a group of blocks tied to a string sitting on top of a toy barn.
18. The blocks fall off of the barn and pull on a string which is tied to a toothpick that is keeping marbles at rest.
19. When the toothpick is pulled away from the marbles, gravity causes the marbles to travel through our scarecrow tube arms and fly out of the scarecrows left arm.
20. The marbles collide into a steel ball perched at the top of a tube with enough force to push it in.
21. The force of the steel ball landing in a pot, at the bottom of the tube, pushes down a lever with a wood dowel attached.
22. The wood dowel pushes up a lever which sends a resting tennis ball into motion through a cup.
23. The tennis ball travels through a series of cup “steps”. It travels down the “stairway” and then falls into a drainage pipe tube.
24. The tennis ball emerges from the drainage pipe and bumps into a mouse trap, triggering the mouse trap.
25. The mouse trap, equipped with a screw tip, pops a balloon that is resting next to it.
26. The popped balloon is no longer able to support a wood platform that our steel ball mouse is resting on and the front of the board drops down to a secondary support.
27. The movement of the platform allows the mouse ball to roll forward, pulling on his string “tail”, which is secured to a rake.
28. The force of the string pulling on the rake causes the rake to fall off of its support and away from a ball which it was holding in place at the top of a ramp.
29. The ball travels down the ramp and lands in a white basket attached to a lever.
30. The weight of the ball in the basket causes the lever to drop and lift up on the opposite end.
31. The lever lifts up and pulls the string through the 2 pulleys on the back of the board and pulls on the bottom corner of a wooden piece of corn.
32. The corn falls down and no longer provides support to a cowboy boot suspended on a rod.
33. The boot falls and swings back on the rod, pulling on a string that is attached to a watering can.
34. The watering can tips forward and pours water into the tube for the cow.
35. The water fills a plastic glove cow “udder” and is funneled into a milk jug, adding weight to the jug.
36. The weight of the jug causes the lever that the jug is resting on to fall down and land on a switch.
37. The switch turns on and provides power to a drill which is attached to a metal rod with a steel paddle, causing it to rotate.
38. The steel paddle rotates into the hammer and lifts the hammer back to strike position.
39. The steel paddle slides past the end of the hammer, releasing it to fall forward and the hammer strikes into the nail on the forward motion!
40. Repeat steps 38 and 39 until machine is powered off.

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