Team # 1121: Wilderness Explorers TEAM PAGE

Plum City High School
Plum City, WI, United States

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Sara Wynveen
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 5
Noah Gansluckner - invitation signed.
Paige Benson - invitation signed.
Mackenzie Wieser - invitation signed.
Justin Nunez - invitation signed.
Owen Sternecker - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
Kinetic and potential energy

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win because we made our machine out of an entire room. We thought this would be an easy task because we have more space to work with, however, it has proven to be a daunting task to make this project as big as a room.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Tie a shoe, cutting fruit, paint a picture, flush a toilet, pour a glass of milk

Our machine was built in a spare classroom in our school. We utilized the entire space, making our Rube Goldberg Machine 20 by 15 feet! Our theme for the machine is "Wilderness Explorers" based off of the movie UP. We start our machine in the living room by opening our adventure book. This in turn knocks over some knick knacks on the mantle above the fire place. The machine continues across the living room floor and eventually making its way to the porch/front yard. Here we have several steps that end with us sending the house UP, UP and AWAY over the city, through a thunderstorm ending at Paradise Falls. We then travel through the forest and back to the living room. Sending a penny into the piggy bank.

Our Step List

1. Open book which pulls on a string
2. String releases weight
3. Weight releases car
4. Car hits board
5. Board swings into scarecrow
6. Scarecrow tips and pulls on string
7. String pulls on cardboard
8. Cardboard releases sand
9. Sand causes lever to flip
10. Lever knocks ball down a ramp into plinko
11. Ball runs into dominoes/books
12. Book fall on lever
13. Lever launches pig
14. Pig knocks over statue
15. Statue pulls on string attached to popsicle stick
16. Popsicle stick releases ball
17. Ball triggers blimp
18. Blimp hooks ring to pull string
19. String pulls lever and pulls vehicle forward
20. Vehicle runs into skid-steer sending it down a ramp
21. Skid-steer knocks over mailbox
22. Mailbox pulls on string
23. Sting releases ball
24. Ball hits a series of levers
25. Last ball falls off counter pulling on bowling ball
26. Bowling ball pulls stand/prop
27. Prop releases house
28. House travels down a string to hit a tire
29. Tire falls pulling on string
30. Paper releases marbles
31. Marbles fall into container causing it to fall
32. Container pulls on string
33. String pulls on ball
34. Ball pulls on stick causing it to fall
35. Stick falls pulling on string
36. String pulls pencil
37. Pencil releases hammer
38. Hammer hits board
39. Board hits lever
40. Lever hits ball to roll
41. Ball falls in bucket
42. Bucket falls pulling on string
43. String pulls on cardboard
44. Cardboard releases penny
45. Penny falls into piggy bank

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