Team # 342: WWHS Wildcats TEAM PAGE

Walt Whitman High School
HUNTINGTON STATION, New York, United States

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Marcus Maddy and Jaime Rogers
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We have two groups of students that participated in the creation of the Rube Goldberg project. Some students are taking a STEM/research course and other students are in robotics class and/or club. This project directly correspond with the robotics/STEM curriculum.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
The robotics teachers favorite quote is from Nikola Tesla.
"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything."

Why we think we should win:
This is our first year entering the Rube Goldberg contest. The students put a lot of time, effort, brain storming, problem solving, creativity and testing into their Rube Goldberg machine.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Putting a golf ball into a hole.

Our machine is based on Disney. After 50 + steps our machine ends with a pneumatic device opening Mary Poppins’s umbrella.

Our Step List

1. A golf ball is released and rolls down an inclined plane.
2. The golf ball falls into a plastic cup.
3. The plastic cup is attached to a first class lever and moves downward.
4. The movement of the lever pulls on a piece of string.
5. The pull on the string causes a plastic cup to tilt upward.
6. Water inside the cup spills into a plastic funnel.
7. The water flows into and down a tilted plastic PVC pipe.
8. The water shoots out of the pipe and strikes a paddle wheel.
9. The paddle wheel spins.
10. The paddle strikes a golf ball, which causes it to move forward.
11. The golf ball rolls down a slight inclined plane.
12. The golf ball rolls into a plastic cup attached to a string.
13. The string is attached to a block of wood, which cause the wood to move.
14. The movement of the wood releases a metal weight.
15. The weight swings forward, like a pendulum, and strikes a golf ball.
16. The golf ball rolls up an inclined plane.
17. The golf ball hits another stationary golf ball at the top of the inclined plane.
18. The 1st ball stops and the 2nd golf ball rolls down an inclined plane.
19. The golf ball rolls off the inclined plane and reflects off an angled piece of wood.
20. The golf ball rolls down another two different inclined planes.
21. The golf ball drops into a 90 degree PVC elbow.
22. The golf ball strikes a block, which causes it to tilt forward.
23. Nine individual blocks off wood fall forward like dominoes.
24. The top of the last piece of wood strikes a golf ball.
25. The golf ball rolls forward and falls through an opening.
26. The golf ball falls into a plastic container and causes a 1st class lever to move downward.
27. The upward movement of the resistance arm strikes a golf ball.
28. The golf ball rolls forward, down a slight incline.
29. The plastic cart strikes a rubber hand ball.
30. The golf ball strikes a weighted golf ball.
31. The weighted golf ball falls through an opening and pushes down a 1st class lever.
32. The tilting upward of the lever releases a string.
33. The release of the string releases Tinker Bell down a zip-line.
34. String attached to Tinker Bell causes a switch to turn on.
35. Tinker Bell going down the zip-line also causes a latch to open.
36. The latch, at the bottom of a plastic water storage container, releases water.
37. The water pours into a tea cup.
38. The weight of the tea cup causes the cup to move downward.
39. The cups downward motion causes a 1st class lever to tilt upward.
40. The upward tilt causes a heavy ball to roll down an inclined plane.
41. The heavy ball strikes another level, which causes it to spin forward.
42. The motion causes a nail to be released, which is attached to a weight.
43. The weight falls down and causes a X-wing plane to move forward.
44. The piece a string attached to the X-wing plane causes a trap door to open.
45. The trap door, at the bottom of Mary Poppins purse, releases sugar.
46. The sugar falls on a teaspoon, ‘A Teaspoon of Sugar’, and tilts the spoon.
47. The tilting spoon hits a wire and causes a closed circuit.
48. The closed circuit activates a small pneumatic air compressor.
49. The compressor releases a piston and it shoots forward.
50. The piston strikes the release button on the umbrella.
51. Mary Poppins UMBRELLA OPENS.

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