Team # 553: Xtreme Makeover: Rube Edition TEAM PAGE

Batesville High School
Batesville, Indiana, United States

Host: Genesis, Kids Discovery Factory, & Jac-Cen-Del School Corporation
Saturday, March 04, 2017
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Craig Hughes
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine focuses on providing a lucky family with a new renovated home! Our team of construction professionals will make sure that your new home will be interesting, exciting, and fun for everyone who lives there. We specialize in several renovation techniques dealing in all sorts of areas within in the home. From the kitchen to the living room, kids room to the office or the attic to bathroom we will be the team for you! Our main goal is to provide the best experience for the kids, adults, and any guests you may have to this one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget!

Our Step List

Kid's Toy Room
1) Ball hits dinosaur
2) Dinosaur flips spatula
3) Spatula moves golf ball into ramp
4) Golf ball knocks over pan
5) Pan makes pull cow
6) Cow bumps into cup
7) Marble rolls down track and lands on spring scale
8) Spring is released, strikes tennis ball
9) Ball hits tower
10) Tower hits see-saw
11) See-saw tips dinosaur
12) Dinosaur releases clamp/clip
13) Clip releases hand
14) Hand pulls stopper
15) Stopper releases tires

16) Tires pulls pin from crossbow
17) Crossbow fires pencil into foam piece
18) Foam piece falls onto paper
19) Paper releases marbles
20) Marbles fall into container, lifting lever
21) Tape roll rolls down ramp, falls onto lever
22) Levers tips coffee cup
23) Coffee cup spills marbles
24) Marbles roll past gears
25) Gears turn lever arm
26) Lever arm hits coins, (roll of coins)
27) Coins hit the weight
28) Weight falls onto button, to pull peg on hat rack

Utility Room
29) Brush falls off peg from hat rack onto bag
30) Bag flips lever
31) Lever triggers mouse trap
32) Mouse trap triggers counterweight lever
33) Weight falls off and pulls pin
34) Pin releases to let hammer swing
35) Hammer knocks over bottle of leather conditioner
36) Leather conditioner bottles strikes binder clip to release bladed brush
37) Bladed brush slides down fishing line to cut string
38) String release lint roller
39) Lint roller strikes trash bags
40) Trash bags knock over mop supported water jug
41) Water jug falls pulling swing arm

42) Swing arm falls to strike golf ball
43) Golf ball travels through attic via pipe to hit block connected to another block by string
44) Second block lets see saw fall down
45) Other side of see saw travels upward to strike blueberry
46) Golf ball travels along spine of book to strike marble
47) Marble rolls down green ramp to start domino reaction
48) Dominoes hit another golf ball into cup
49) Cup falls to pull round dowel from front of orange
50) Orange rolls down ramp to displace guide
51) Guide knocks off cylinder weight
52) Cylinder weight pulls square dowel from front of red ball
53) Red ball rolls down ramp to down off black weight into dining room

Dining Room
54) Weight falls to lift ramp
55) Marble travels down lifted ramp to start domino chain
56) Dominoes strike tape roll
57) Tape roll runs to knock over blue stool
58) Blue Stool falls release weight to pull dowel from holding hammer
59) Hammer hits golf ball
60) Golf ball travels through series of ramps into hole in the floor to strike screwdriver stopper (dowel)

61) Dowel releases screwdriver to strike another golf ball at top of ramp
62) Golf ball travels down ramp into bathroom to knock over table
63) Table drops weight to pull razors
64) Razors strike in alternating swinging motion to strike another golf ball
65) Golf ball rolls down ramp to strike Dixie cup with weight tied to string
66) Weight pulls toilet flap on vanity which has a steel marble to roll down the sink into living room

Living Room
67) Marble travels through paint rollers to attach to magnet pulling on toy car
68) Toy car lands on table and releases another marble to travel through accordion pipe to set mouse trap
69) Mouse trap snaps a clothes pin to open it
70) Clothes pin releases ball
71) Ball press switch to start motor
72) Motor turns gears on side of automata mechanism
73) Gears turn axle which turns the cams inside the box
74) Cams move followers to move paint roller up and down
75) Paint roller applies Band-Aid to crack on wall

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