Team # 720: Zephyr Express TEAM PAGE

Benton Schools
Benton, Wisconsin, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Wisconsin Rube Goldberg Contest
Friday, March 09, 2018
Setup Time: 7:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Ms. Roxanne Boardman
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 9
Faith Kruser - invitation signed.
Kaleb Ward - invitation signed.
Ben Beau - invitation sent
Josh Redfearn - invitation sent
Liberty Foht - invitation sent
Dustin Hamm - invitation signed.
Dawson Hamm - invitation signed.
Trevor Grate - invitation signed.
Kailie Redfearn Mootz - invitation sent

Our machine replicates the idea of farm to table. We travel through the process of harversting the grain, shipping to the factory, trucking to the store, and finally reaching your breakfast table.

Our Step List

2018 Steps - Zephyr Express

1. Bicycle wheel rotates. (Shows us a shift in day and night cycles)
2.Wood block is released by the bicycle wheel rotating
3.When wood block is pulled the 100 gram mass falls from recycled water bottle (raining)
4.100 gram weight falls and hits the popsicle stick plank that his holding a peanut butter jar filled with aquarium rocks.
5.The weight of the jar causes it to fall down the hole into the basket.
6.The weight falls into a basket causing the crops (broom straw) to shoot up from the ground.
7.The weight triggers the lever of crops it pulls the combine(tractor) down the ramp.
8.The combine (tractor) rolls down the ramp and hits the block of wood placed at the end of the field.
9.The block falls and hits another block like a domino effect.
10. The second block hits a marble
11.The marble rolls down a track and hits a loose block of wood.
12.The loose wood shifts and hits another marble
13.The marble rolls down the ramp and hits a toy cow.
14.Cow “tipping” lands on a precisely placed mouse trap, setting off the trap.
15.The mouse trap has a string attached, and once triggered, pulls said string and releases a marble at the top of the factory.
16.Marble falls down a ramp and hits a popsicle stick
17.The popsicle stick hits another marble which then hits another popsicle stick.
18.Popsicle stick lever kicks a marble down another ramp to hit yet another popsicle stick.
19.Popsicle stick shifts and hits the last marble sending it down the final ramp.
20.The marble falls on a mouse trap with a string attached.
21.Once the trap is triggered it pulls a string releasing another marble at the top of the factory.
22.The marble rolls down a ramp then falls onto another ramp
23.When the marble rolls down the second ramp it hits a popsicle stick.
24.The popsicle stick swings and hits another marble sending it down another ramp
25.The marble then hits another popsicle stick and shifts so that it releases another marble.
26.The last marble rolls down a ramp and falls into a hole.
27.The marble hits a mouse trap at the bottom of the hole.
28.The triggered mousetrap pulls a popsicle stick from underneath a funnel.
29.The funnel releases sand and starts to fill a cup on the small industrial scale.
30.Once the cup is full, the scale tips to the heavy side.
31.When the scale tips, a string is let go from the lighter side of the scale.
32.The slacked string and releases a golf ball.
33.The golf ball rolls down the ramp, bumps off two walls and hits a wooden block
34.The wooden block then pulls a string free from a cup letting a small weight free fall.
35.The weight falls and hits an environmental science textbook
36.The book presses down on an angry bird toy that launches a car up the ramp.
37.The car hits a newspaper, knocking it over.
38. The knocked over newspaper hits a teeter totter
39. The teeter totter tips another teeter totter (lever)
40. A marble in the fork of the teeter totter rolls down and hits a block
41.The block pulls a string that releases a bouncy ball.
42.The bouncy ball rolls down a ramp spelling out the word NOTNEB (Benton backwards) and hits a block.
43.The block hits another block creating a domino effect into a newspaper
44. The newspaper falls on another teeter totter
45.The edge of the teeter totter tips another teeter totter
46.The second teeter totter pulls a popsicle stick on a string with a marble
47.The marble weight on a string swings and pulls to tip a box of cereal.
48.The weight of the cereal box overcomes gravity and spills into the massive cereal bowl.

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