Team # 967: Zephyr Express TEAM PAGE

Benton High school
Benton, WI, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: STEM Forward
Friday, March 01, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 9:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Roxanne L Boardman
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 10
Faith Kruser - invitation signed.
Liberty Foht - invitation signed.
Jackson Klang - invitation signed.
Kayci Martensen - invitation signed.
Renee Scanlan - invitation signed.
Jon Reuter - invitation sent
Kaleb Ward - invitation signed.
Dawson Hamm - invitation sent
Jacob Bennett - invitation signed.
Kailie Mootz Redfearn - invitation signed.

Oh My!! There has been a robbery. The infamous Bonnie and Clyde have robbed Zephyr Bank and Trust. Follow us as we visit the scene of the crime, the notorious ending of B & C, and cheer as we return the missing goldbergs back to the bank.

Our Step List

Zephyr Rube Machine Step List - Benton

Banker opens up the safe DOOR (1) and the COINS fall (2) into the SACK O’ Money. The weight of the “goldbergs” cause the getaway SKATEBOARD to tip (3) pushing up the sweeping BROOM (4) which tips our 5 x 7 banker FAMILY PORTRAIT (5) and the 2019 Zephyr Rube Team 8 x 10 picture. The weight of the Rube Team picture pulls on a string with a SCREW (6) releasing ping pong balls down the shelf and into VASE #1 (7) that fills with balls, allowing the next ball to continue to fill VASE #2, (8) and then the final ball pushes the POKER DECK of CARDs (9) off the ledge.

The deck of cards flips the PHONE off the hook (10) and turns the PAGE to the magazine (11), allowing the GOLF BALL to swing (12) and shoot gun #1 (13) popping the BALLOON (14) to say BANG (15) that shoots gun #2 (16) popping the BALLOON (17) to say POW (18). The ricochet sets the MINiON PLINKO (19) in motion, and teeters the BRIDGE (20) into the building bouncing down the building. The trap is set as the CAUTION TAPE (21) rolls causing the FORD (22) to veer and setting the car on a course of destruction.

The police were hiding in the bushes and as the car was swerving out of control, and the car the ran over a BRANCH (23) that triggered a MOUSE TRAP (24) and set up SCREWDRIVER (25) stinger into the lane of the car. Bonnie and Clyde were so upset they KICKED (26) the cans of MONEY (27) rolling into a getaway CAR (28), that skids out of control into a set of processed TREES/BOOKS (29) upsetting the RUBBER DUCKY (30) sending him flying across the countryside.

The bird flies so fast and quick that he opens the SAFE DOOR (31), while the police were clumsily continuing to SWEEP (32) for fingerprints and a roll of MONEY (33) falls to the floor, and of GOLDBERGS (34) spills onto the table sending the bankers golf ball into the HIGHLIGHTED CLIPBOARD track (35) knocking over the WEIGHT (36) into the bankers BLUE SOLO CUP (37), and it pulls his second BLUE SOLO CUP (38) (he was really really thirsty) pulling up on the POINTER FINGER (39) holding the final GOLDBERG into the BALLERINA PINK PIG (40).

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