The AV Club – This man is legitimately living the Rube Goldberg lifestyle

Here is a man who many will say is “wasting his life.” Stop it. This is wrong. Whatever it is you’re doing with your existence—lawyer, doctor, grout repairperson, etc.—it turns out that it is in fact you who is wasting your life because, unlike like this man, you are not living the Rube Goldberg lifestyle.

The unreasonably charming man in the video above, via Wired, is Joseph Herscher, who runs the YouTube channel Joseph’s Machines. Herscher is a New Zealander living in New York, and possesses the sort of Kiwi ingenuity that brings to mind the Flight Of The Conchords’ camera phone. Here he takes us through the thought-process behind such inventions as a machine that launches a hot dog into his mouth, and a machine that puts ketchup and mustard on a hot dog with a fan. The man is a real-life Wallace from Wallace & Gromit, and he absolutely seems the type to have one of his inventions turned against him by a clever penguin posing as a chicken.

Herscher is a reminder that YouTube can be a force for good. For every couple thousand Paul brothersASMR freaks, and automated child nightmare factoriesmaking millions off the platform, there is also a man like Joseph Herscher being allowed to live out his dream of making a living pouring soup into his mouth with a clock. Let’s let a baseball run down a Hot Wheels track, turn a set of hand-crank whisks, and activate an intricate pulley system that will raise a glass to that.


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